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Kohler Shower Panel System and Its Installation Tips

Kohler, the American based manufacturer, is known for building quality and innovative plumbing items for residential and commercial use. One of the most famous and popular items is the Kohler Shower Panel System, which offers a graceful look and durable plumbing system in your bathroom to make it comfortable.

The shower panel system includes shower walls, wall panels, wall kits, etc. To create a slick and modern look in your bathroom. And of their most popular shower wall panel is the Kohler Choreograph collection. It has been catered to meet your necessities and personal style in the bathroom space.

The Kohler Shower Panel System

Kohler manufactures a myriad of shower panel systems, including walls, wall panels, accent panels, and many more different styles, colors, and budgets that will meet almost everyone’s necessity to create a contemporary or classic bathroom style.

Their most common products include:

Shower Walls

The shower walls from Kohler are readily available in various colors, patterns, and textures that you can choose from at ease. The walls are manufactured to personalize your private space while creating a synchronized look with the Kohler fixture.

You also have the alternative to choose from the Kohler Accent Panels to complete the bathroom look. These accent panels are available in textured and smooth models to fit every bathroom décor.

The installation of the models is made easy with the Kohler joint system for comfort and convenience. You can use the shower wall systems for both standard and customized spaces. Hence, it is an even better option for you.

Shower Wall Panels

The wall panel refers to a single and one-piece wall of the bathroom. The shower panels are available in various sizes. The most common Kohler made shower wall panel sizes are:

  • Height: 72″ in 96.”
  • Width: 32″ in 60.”

As you see from the wall panels’ height and width, these are available in all sizes you may require for your bathroom. The shower wall panels are branded as Choreograph and are available in different textures, designs, and styles. Whether you want a classic look or contemporary appearance in the bathroom, these wall panels are ready to provide you with the same.

Wall Kits

A shower wall panel is a single-piece wall. The wall kits, on the contrary, include three walls for three sides in a shower space. The three walls are comprised of two end walls and one back wall.

The three walls of the Kohler shower panel kits are of the same design and color to create a uniform look inside the private space. What’s more, you will also get two corner joints to include the wall kit package for quick installation.

The joints are of the same color as the other three walls too. The entire setup brings a uniform look that enhances the aesthetics of your shower.

There are as many as 16 colors and textures available for the wall kit. So, you are never short of choosing the right style for your shower to get a personalized feel.

Accent Panels

If you want a customized configuration with personal preference, the accent panel from Kohler will be your best buy. It comes in a 28″ X60″ size and offers you the maximum flexibility in the shower space’s customization.

The accent panel is easily installable with the existing full wall panels. Also, the Kohler Choreograph accent panels come in two different styles.  These are the Hex texture and Stix texture. Both are available at the same price, and so, it depends on your reference only.

Kohler Choreograph Accent Panels

Now that we know about the Kohler shower collection products, it is time to find more detailed information about the Choreograph collection. The Choreograph collection was made to meet your tiniest necessities for a more personalized private space.

The collection comes in a variety of walls and accessories that cater to your preference and style for the shower’s comfier appearance. You get a beautiful and decorative wall design that suits your style and doesn’t look odd.

Also, the storage section is thoughtfully designed to offer you maximum space while minimizing space wastage.

The wall accent panel will help you to quickly create your taste inside the shower space with a graceful look. You are free to choose from different patterns, textures, and colors. However, when you select the accent panel, make sure it will synchronize with your existing Choreograph shower walls and accessories.

Key Features

  • It is usable with the Kohler Choreograph wall panel and kits only.
  • The size is fixed at 60″ X28″.
  • You can mount the accent panel on the bottom, top, or middle of the shower wall for a personalized look.
  • It will help you create a contrasting color or pattern with the existing shower walls.
  • The matte finish will perfectly complement all décor types.
  • Kohler has used its patented composite material to manufacture the accent walls, which ensure maximum durability.
  • The accent walls offer a soothing look and enhance aesthetics in your shower space.

Kohler Choreograph Installation

When you bring a Kohler Choreograph accent wall or kits at home for shower modification, you may be concerned with the shower wall or panel installation. Luckily, the installation of the Choreograph accessories is brisk.

The critical points of the installation are:

  1. The shower panel, kits, and all accessories of Kohler Choreograph are easily trimmable. The trimming can be done on-site, which is a bonus.
  2. The kits will easily adhere to any wallboard. However, it is suggested that you stick the Choreograph walls, panels, and kits with water-resistant wallboards.
  3. The seam joints are sold separately. You recommend using the seam joints in the installation process for increased durability and a uniform look.

For the detailed installation of the Kohler Choreograph accessories, you may read the Kohler Installation and Care guidelines. It will help you get the best idea about the mounting process.

Kohler Choreograph Vs Swanstone

Kohler Choreograph is the elite shower kits and accessories from the same manufacturer. Their equipment includes walls, basing, and accessory pieces, and everything is available in modular sizes. The modular sizing and various accessories offer you create a more personalized shower.

On the contrary, Swanstone has been manufacturing both customizable and fabricated shower items that fit both preference and standard installation. They use acrylic and natural minerals to create all the shower kits. Choreograph, however, uses its patented composite Serica material.

However, one advantage of using Choreograph accessories is that these are priced much lower than the Swanstone kits.

Kohler Shower Walls Reviews

Users of Kohler shower walls and kits have loved the durability, design variation, and easy installation of the wall, panels, and other gears. The shower walls enjoy revved reviews from clients, and the reputation of the items is skyrocketing every day.

You may check-in online stores and see how excellent and five-star reviews the products have got from the users. The positive reviews speak about their quality.


The Kohler Shower Panel System is cleverly crafted to meet the requirements of all types of people. From a classic medieval look to a modern-day contemporary appearance, you get everything from the Choreograph shower panels and kits.

Furthermore, their design variation and durability make them an unbeatable rival that you can’t ignore for any reason at all.


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