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How to Install Teak Shower Floor: A Simple Guide

Are you looking for the best shower floor for your needs? Learn how to install a teak shower floor in your home and get the best shower experience. Why is this the best option that you need as a homeowner?

Well, teak is known to be a naturally moisture-resistant type of tropical wood. It originates from the South East Asian plantations and has been used since ancient times. What gives teak, this ability?

The resins in this wood trigger it to bend instead of breaking under the pressure. This again makes it one of the strongest hardwoods that are available.

Due to this, it means that if you were to build your floor using teak wood, you achieve so much more.

You will have the best water-proof shower floor and get a durable wooden plan to spice it up. More importantly, because teak slats will be stylish, you will again get the best design for any contemporary home.

In this case, if you need to give your home the perfect facelift, you might as well look for a shower floor that’s made out of teak. They are cool and will give you an additional sophisticated touch to an otherwise regular shower stall.

But how easy is it to install a teak shower floor? This is a brainer at all. You can easily Do It Yourself.

How to Install Teak Shower Floor

Like I mentioned above, teak is the best wood for shower floors. It is easy to install. Follow this simple step by step guide to install your teak shower floor.

However, before I get down to the guide, let me show you some of the materials that you must gather for this job. These materials are easy to work with, and you don’t need any technical support whatsoever. Take a look.

  • Wooden teak slats
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Small bit drills
  • Half inch wooden screws or nails
  • Measuring tape
  • Table saw

Now that you’ve got the tools ready, the next thing will be to make and install your teak shower floor. Let’s dig in and find out how to do just that.

Step I: Get the Dimensions of Your Shower

The first thing that you want to do before you install your teak shower floor is to get the exact dimensions of your shower.

Using a tape measure, get into the shower and measure the inside section of the shower floor. This will help you to determine the size of the width, length, and depth of the teak floor that fits inside the shower.

Step II: Cut 1-by 2-inch Slats of Teak

The next thing once this is done is to make the right teak floor size for your shower. To do this, you should cut out 1-by 2-inch slats of the teak wood.

Set them into sections that are as long as the shorter measurement that you found when measuring your shower floor.

Keep them longer by 1-1/2 inches as this will provide the perfect end trim. You can then use a table saw to achieve this perfect trim around the ends.

To get the best cut and to figure out the exact number that you need to cut, you should divide the shower floor’s measurement by 1.5. This will help you to determine the number of teak wood slats that you need to cut.

Remember that these slats should be of the 1-inch slats and should be set about 1/2-inch apart between every slat.

Step III: Set the Slats Out

With that done, you should lay out strips of double-sided carpet tape. Keep the tape 6 inches apart and on top of the surface of the work area. Ensure that the working surface is as large as the main shower floor.

Now take the slats and set them at 1/2-inch apart spaces on top of the tape. Keep them straight so that none of them gets slanted. They should look neatly arranged and flawlessly in the right shape.

Step IV: Cut Two End Sections of Teak

Next, cut the two end sections of the teak trim. Make sure that they are measuring 1/2-inch by 2 inches and are set out within the longest length as your shower floor.

This length should be achieved by taking the longer measurement that you found while determining the dimensions of your shower floor.

You can then hold this trim against the main ends of the wooden teak slats. If you cannot do it alone, you can ask a pal to help.

Step V: Drill Two Pilot Holes

With your best wood for shower floors slats set in the correct design, the next thing that you will do is to drill two pilot holes. These holes should be kept on each of the main ends so that they can match up with your slats.

Step VI: Screw the Slats

Once they do, you should screw them in place. Use the 2-inch galvanized screws that are designed for the wooden surfaces. This will give you a safer drill without necessarily tearing or splintering the teak wood slats.

Step VII: Drill the Other Pilot Holes

While the first two pilot holes we drilled on the ends. They were meant to leave you with the best hold with no slips. Their work is to maintain a safe distance that enables you to drill more pilot holes with the correct measurements easily.

Now you can drill the remaining pilot holes and keep them through the main trim and right into the wooden teak slats. Ensure that the holes drilled are two for every slat, and once done, you can screw them right into place.

Once you are done with one side, you should turn to the second side and then do just the same as before. The result will be a wooden teak mat that’s pieced together.

Step VIII: Remove the Mat from the Tape

As I mentioned, you should end up with a wooden mat that’s made out of teak. Since this mat is still on top of the adhesive tape that you had used, you should take the mat out of the adhesive tape.

Set it out on to your shower floor once you have removed it out of the adhesive tape. This gives you the best wood for shower floor. Your very own teak shower floor.

NOTE: The most important thing when it comes to learning how to install a teak shower floor is to get the right measurements for your shower and again to build the right-sized wooden teak floor.


Now that we have seen how to install your best wood for shower floors let us take a look at some of the most common concerns that people will have when it comes to how to install teak shower floors.

Why must I trim the wooden slats to a specific size?

Whether you are making a teak shower floor or not, it is important to trim your wooden planks. Proper trim enables them to look neat.

It also provides them with the perfect fit for your shower floor. Just make sure that you observe the right measurements when trimming these wooden slats.

What kind of wood should I use for a shower floor?

The best wood for any moisturized area in the house is moisture-resistant wood. Such wood is hard to come by, but luckily for you, the teak and bamboo will serve just fine. They have some water-resistant touch that enables them to serve you well around any shower.

If you don’t have this type of wood, you can wax the wooden surface and join your wooden floor with caulk. This is another way of getting the best out of a wooden surface.

Why should you use a table saw to trim your wooden planks?

Unlike other types of saws, a table saw is the best. The reason is simple; a table saw tracks its cuts so that you have a straight cut. It is free of splinters and will help you to get the best finish on every plank that you need.

You don’t have to own a table saw. You can always get the services of one for some small fee. It is easy and will leave you with the best experience.


Learning how to install teak shower floor is simple. With the right tools and the right shower size, you should be halfway there. Even so, it is important that you learn how to bind the wooden slats together.

It is these teak slats that you will use to make your shower floor. Teak is good since it has some water resistance capacity. The only thing that you must do is clean it once in a while so that you enjoy the best showering environment.




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