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How To Clean Shower head

If you have lived in a home with an old showerhead you will know what I am talking about. I once lived in such a house and while I was still hustling from one job to the next, I took me time to fix the showerhead.

So what happened? Well, this old showerhead was notorious for spilling water from all the directions. Most holes were blocked and so there was no unison on how the water trickled out of the showerhead at all.

The last nail on the coffin was during winter when the water pressure went really low. I had to take three times the amount of time that I used to shower. This way pain sticking experience forced me to replace the showerhead with one that I could clean.

Today, close to two decades later, I live in my own home and have a showerhead that I can clean. So how do you clean a showerhead?

If you are reading this and still do not know that showerheads can be cleaned when they clog, here are some of the simplest tricks on how to clean showerheads. Take a look at what I have for you.

Bag and Clean It

The simplest method that you can use to clean your showerhead is to bag it and clean it. This is especially cool if you don’t have so much clogging on the showerhead yet. Bagging your showerhead is simple and you won’t require any expert help to be able to do it at all.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow in case you want to bag and clean your showerhead any day.

  • Get a plastic bag/ freezer bag/ storage bag
  • Take a bottle of vinegar
  • Fill the plastic bag with vinegar half way
  • Make sure that your freezer bag does not overflow
  • Take the half-full plastic bag with vinegar
  • Wrap it around your shower head
  • Use a rubber band to get a tight seal and wrap around the showerhead
  • Now allow the half-full plastic bag to remain around your showerhead for an hour
  • Then remove the plastic bag
  • Turn on the water and the shower
  • It should wash of the vinegar from your shower head

NOTE: Once the water is turned back on, you will have the best flow through your showerhead. If you don’t, you can repeat the process. If the shower is working properly, you can give it a better finish by again polishing it up and allowing it to look clean and very shiny.

Deep Clean It

For showerheads that have shower-arms attached to them, the best thing to do is to give the shower head a deep cleaning touch in case it is clogged.

However, you will first have to detach the showerhead to the shower arm. You can do that by reading the user manual and ensuring that you follow the right procedure when doing that.

If your user manual doesn’t give you that, calling the manufacturing company or asking a plumber to help will be awesome.

Once the showerhead has been detached successfully, you can then do the following to get it back in the best working conditions.

  • Run the showerhead under a running water from the faucet
  • Now take an old toothbrush and then scrub your shower head with it
  • Get a mixture of water and vinegar to use it to scrub off the dirt
  • Do so until the dirt inside your shower head loosens up
  • Now take a sharp pin or toothpick and dig into the shower crevasses/ holes
  • Take the showerhead parts and soak them in your vinegar solution over-night
  • By morning the dirt blocking the holes should have dissolved.
  • Take one last leap of faith and rinse your showerhead again
  • Assemble your showerhead and fix it on the arm
  • You can run the water through it to clean it and have a smooth and uniform flow

NOTE: Running the showerhead under the faucet will help you to rinse out any form of goop, which may be lurking inside or outside the showerhead. Using pins will also remove more dirt that might lie within the showerhead holes.

Use Baking Soda

Finally, you can also make use of a baking soda paste to clean your shower. To make the paste, you should mix baking soda with water. This way you will a gate a nice thick paste that’s good for cleaning clogs around the shower.

To make use of baking soda to clean your showerhead, here is what you should do to get the best results. The process is one of the simplest methods on how to clean showerheads.

  • Apply the baking soda paste to the detached showerhead of the fixed showerhead
  • Make sure that you give your showerhead the perfect rub
  • Rub the thick paste around the showerhead and focus on the nozzles
  • Make sure that you get a thorough coating
  • Allow the baking soda paste to remain there for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Now rinse the shower head properly
  • Allow the water to run through once you fix the showerhead


Many people don’t understand how to clean a showerhead. While that’s not a crime really, it is the one thing that will save you so much time if you learn it in advance. More importantly, it will also save you some money as you won’t have to replace your showerhead each time that it fails to work properly.

Lucky for you, we have outlined some of the best tricks that you can use to clean your showerhead and also get the best experience. Cleaning showerhead is not a new trick. However, without the right tips, you might end up with the wrong results.

Take your time and follow the tricks that we have given you above. They should give you the best results.

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