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Cleaning a shower head

A recent study shows that people take a regular shower with a higher purpose more than just maintaining body cleanliness. The aims of taking a shower may include; to relax, to reduce body fatigue, and much more. To attain the stated goals, we should have an effective shower. What is an effective shower? When we think of an effective shower, a picture of some warm water with optimum pressure comes into our mind.  However, it is no secret that some things can hinder you from having a useful shower.

An ineffective shower is mainly as a result of a faulty showerhead, which is a consequence of a poorly maintained showerhead.  How regularly do you clean the showerhead? Which are the detergents do use? Do you follow the right procedure while cleaning the showerhead? The answers to the preceding questions determine how well you maintain your shower.

Nevertheless, if you have been making mistakes, we will offer a corrective measure. Follow the below guidelines to know the best way to be cleaning the showerhead.

How to clean a shower head

There are several methods of cleaning a shower head. Also, various cleaning chemicals are available in the shops. All the same, when choosing the cleaning chemical, a lot of attention is a requirement. You should note that a strong chemical may corrode the showerhead hence should not be used. Also, a weak chemical may not effectively remove all the dirt from the showerhead. The frequent cleaning chemical is vinegar. It has an optimum acidic ph. Hence it is not corrosive. Below are the procedures you can follow in cleaning a shower head.

Method 1 – Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is abrasive chemical and very cheap compared to other chemicals of its level. It is an excellent cleaner. Hence you may consider it when cleaning your showerhead.

First, you should disconnect the showerhead from the pipe. To do that you can twist the showerhead, or else follow the instructions in the manual. Mix the baking soda powder with some water. Ensure that the mixture is not too runny. If so, you should add some baking soda. The mixture should form a paste, if it does not, add some more baking soda

Apply some of the paste on the showerhead until the holes are completely covered. Leave the showerhead for about20 to 30 minutes. Once the time is over, thoroughly rinse the showerhead with clean water. While rinsing, you can use a toothbrush to scrub the showerhead.

Fix back the showerhead and try running it to confirm if the squirting is okay. Now you can enjoy the shower without any disappointments.

Method 2: Using An Oven Cleaner

Oven cleaner is another excellent way to clean the showerhead. However, it might be harsh on your skin and the showerhead if safety tips are not keenly-observed. The safety tips are;

  • Wear gloves and a mask. Oven cleaner is very cruel to the body’s skin. Hence some gloves will keep your hands safe. Also, the oven cleaner may temper with your breathing. Thus a mask is essential
  • The showerhead should not overstay in the oven cleaner. Oven cleaner might be corrosive, consequently damaging the showerhead. Hence you should ensure the showerhead is removed immediately after the cleaning

With the above safety tips, you are ready to clean the showerhead. To start with, wear the safety elements, which is the mask and the gloves. After that spray the oven cleaner over the showerhead. While spraying, you should ensure that the oven cleaner does not come into contact with your skin.

Place the overhead in a safe place and leave it for about 20minutes. In this step, you should ensure that the showerhead does not overstay before rinsing. When time is up, thoroughly rinse the showerhead with a continually flowing clean water. Ensure that the showerhead is super clean before fixing it back.

Now, you can fix back the showerhead and try running it to confirm if it is functioning well.

Method 3: Using Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning chemical that you can fully trust for a clean showerhead. To do this, first, disconnect the showerhead. Apply the vinegar thoroughly on the showerhead. Preferably, you can dip a toothbrush in the vinegar then smear it.

Using a toothbrush, scrub the showerhead thoroughly until it is free from any dirt spots. After ensuring the showerhead is sparkling clean, rinse it using some freshwater.

Now, you can fix back the showerhead. Vinegar may leave some mild smell on the shower. Hence you may consider leaving it running for some time to clear the bouquet and any traces of vinegar.

Method 4: Bag The Showerhead

This method is the fastest method of cleaning showerheads. All you require is a bag and white vinegar

Fill the bag with the white vinegar until it is ¾ full. After filling the bag with the white vinegar, tie it around the showerhead. The knot should be tight to prevent the bag from falling. Now, leave the bag for some time.

After 1 hour is over, remove the bag from the showerhead. You can use a toothbrush to scrub the showerhead. Turn on the shower to remove any leftovers of vinegar from the shower. With that, you can now enjoy the sweetness of a perfect shower


In a nutshell, for an effective shower, you should ensure that the showerhead is in good condition. You can ensure that by cleaning it regularly, preferably after a month or anytime you notice some clogging. Cleaning a shower head is not a walk in the park without the required expertise. This article has done a recommendable job of highlighting various ways to clean the showerhead. You can confidently follow the above guidelines to ensure that you have an effective showerhead for a relaxing shower

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