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The Best Shower Head Has a Great Impact on Your Bathing Experience

A shower room should be a point of relaxation, whether you like morning showers or evening showers. Besides, shower your experience must be enjoyable. A nighttime shower is known as a perfect way to unwind as well as relax your tired muscles after a long working day. What does a morning shower do for you? While most people will take a morning shower to freshen up, such a shower is an excellent way to start your day; because it gives you a first thing in the morning – rejuvenating experience. So, it determines how your day goes. To get the best experience, then you must equip your shower room with the latest pieces of shower equipment. Note that technology is fast advancing and that is what home shower heads emulate. Therefore, expect new equipment every new day. That said a shower head makes the essential part of your shower. Its design and components are created to dispense water in a variety of forms. Modern shower heads are created to offer both aesthetics and perfect functionality. They should show a clear difference between shower and rain. While most manufacturers put personal hygiene as the primary objective in creating shower heads, the best shower heads focus on improving the shower experience and making it enjoyable. Manufacturers pay attention to finer details hence creating devices with innovative design and multiple functions. For sure, with such luxurious products, you get the highest value for your money. The best luxury shower head possesses multiple options. If you are looking for such a showerhead, you have to clearly and carefully identify material and functionalities you want. The way a shower head delivers water to your body varies greatly. Some come in forms of massage options, jet spray, full sprays, rain shower, waterfall simulations, and mists. Better, you can find a shower head that combines all the above option. Better still, you can find the best shower head with filter for protection against disease-causing substances.

5 Types of the best shower heads

Shower heads play a significant role in how soothing your shower experience will be. It is therefore essential to understand different kinds of shower heads so that you can select the best. The most common types of modern shower heads include;

·         Full body

If you want a luxurious showering experience, then you need to buy this type of shower head. As opposed to other brands, it comes with nozzles throughout the vertical length of the shower stall instead of one nozzle at the top end of the stall. Besides, the full body shower head features more than one spray function. They stand out as best shower heads 2018 and 2019. Indeed, this type of shower installation is the best luxury shower head you can find in the market. It features both aesthetics and performance functionalities to start or end your day incredibly well. The only downside of this sophisticated shower piece is its special installation needs and higher acquisition costs.

·         Handheld

This type of shower heads allows you to hold them in your hand. They fit in a clamp near the upper pipe. With the best shower head handheld, you can disconnect them and fit them in a way that they can be held by hand at the end of a flexible hose. Such shower head comes with an advantage of allowing you to direct the water spray to whenever you, thus giving you a more efficient clean. It should not be difficult for you to spot the best handheld showerhead when you consider the following:
  • Quality To determine the quality of a handheld showerhead, you have to consider the material that is built of off. Besides, customer reviews can give you a heads-up on what the right quality of the shower head. That implies that you need to do some research before settling on one.
  • Head size The best handheld shower head usually comes in different sizes. There are both large and small as well as sizes in between the two. The choice you make must be able to provide you the water coverage you so desires. Note that, a few models are equipped with dual shower heads provide the extra coverage.
  • Wall mounting and fit If you are changing a shower head, it is vital to ensure that the one you are buying, perfectly matches your existing shower. Besides, having a mounting kit to install it is essential- most brands come with a mounting kit.
  • Style Each brand has some taste of uniqueness. That is why you’ll see a different style and finishes on the market. Still, the finishes might vary from one model to another of the same brand. While the finish and style are a matter of aesthetics, it is crucial to select the one the perfectly matches your bathroom décor, which will be the best shower head handheld lovers rely on.
  • Hose length An ideal hose length will confer the required benefits from your shower head. Remember, when you use the shower head, you’ll have to direct it to all parts of your body. The hose may be subjected to bending. If it is short, it might not work well for you. So, you need a hose that is a bit longer than that the standard one. A 72-inch hose will work just fine in the best handheld showerhead.
  • Shower holder bracket material This part is usually made of plastic. As such, it is prone to breaking, considering it is the part that is prone to abuse. It is prudent to find durable parts. Some manufacturers offer this part in a metal form such brackets are longer lasting.
  • Pressure Pressures should determine whether you buy a showerhead or not. Shower heads with handheld handles must offer the best pressure you need to enjoy your shower. Check on the flow rate. Mostly, large shower heads have lower pressure.
  • The material of the hose Since you will be pulling, twisting, and coiling the hose as you try to reach most parts, you need a functional hose. Most companies fit plastic hoses on the shower head. This hose performs terribly owing to their smell and low functionality. They are very stiff. Such material cannot give the best shower head handheld shower experience.
The best deal you can get is the metal hose. These hoses allow you to control the shower head without difficulty. They hang freely and offer higher levels of flexibility thanks to their interlocking design. Besides, these hoses come with unmatched longevity.

Benefits of a handheld showerheads include;

  • It offers higher flexibility –the shower head comes in both fixed and unfixed forms so that you can select what suits your need.
  • To offer a comfortable shower experience – by the fact that you can direct the water; this shower head allows you to control the water the way you want.
  • They are easy to clean
  • Are good for washing pets
  • Children can use them
  • Easy process when changing a shower head
  • Makes water to reach the hard to reach areas

High pressure

I bet you wouldn’t like a low-pressure shower head in your bathroom, especially if you need that massage shower. Low pressure in shower room is plain mind-numbing. If you want to feel rejuvenated all day, you’ll need that high-pressure shower in the morning. For such reasons, some shower heads come with high shower jet. The shower heads are fitted with a ring that you use to get the best pattern of pressure to suit your moods. You must note that the plumbing, process within your bathroom might cause low pressure in your shower head. So far, the most common causes of lower pressures are corroded pipes and clogged pipes. Such factors should not hinder you from getting the right pressure. A higher pressure shower head is designed to give high water pressure and maintain a steady flow of water. Modern home shower heads come with adjustable spray settings while a few others have a combination of spray settings and spray chambers offer the ideal shower pressure. The best shower head for low water pressure can turn low water pressure into considerable pressure for a proper shower.

Such shower heads are beneficial in the sense that;

  • Consumes less time Higher pressure from the water will make clean yourself at a faster rate. This shower head can make you take your shower in the shortest time possible.
  • Offers the best shower experience The best shower head for low water pressure can give the best shower experiences they provide a steady flow of water and at a consistent pressure. A high-pressure shower head will offer you that pressure. No frustrations that come with low pressure are experienced. That means, after your shower, you will be sparklingly clean.
  • Has a therapeutic effect The flow of water will soothe your muscles. It will cause them to relax. In essence, they work like a message. Besides, they can be the best shower head with filter.
  • Conserves water It is proven that when water flows at a higher pressure, less water is wasted. If you install a high-pressure shower head, you will save a lot of water, which directly translates to savings on your water bills. It can be concluded that these shower heads are eco-friendly.
  • Provides a cleaner feeling If luxury is your thing, then the high-pressure shower head is the best luxury shower head you can have in your bathroom. It washes off the soap from your body without much effort. In many cases, you might walk out of your bathroom with some shampoo. This is a prominent incident with low-pressure shower heads. However, the high pressure you get a thorough and quick rinsing.
  • Prevents illnesses More often, high-pressure shower heads do not suffer from clogs as compared to the low-pressure counterparts. This implies that bacterial and any other disease-causing micro-organisms are flushed out every time to shower is on. No accumulation!


These types of shower heads are often large sized, and they release a lot of water simulating the rainfall. They appear like a large disk with numerous small rubber holes that allow water to stream out. They will show you the real difference between shower and rain. The wide head is an essential feature as it offers a comprehensive coverage regardless of the height of the individual taking a shower. Modifications have been in some such that they come with dual heads. This further offers a large surface area hence more comprehensive coverage. Still, some come with a waterfall feature. Sophisticated models can offer anything from a drizzle to a romantic waterfall. This type of shower heads comes with a setting to allow you to alter the water flow. They come with a number of settings Including gentle drizzles and torrential downpour.

Features to Consider

When you hit the rainfall shower heads market, consider the following features.
  • Spray quality The quality of the spray is paramount in these types of showerheads. Modern models are built with high-level technology to be able to deliver a different form of shower sprays. You can get realistic raindrops or air mixed water. This is the exact difference between shower and rain.
  • Size If you plan on changing the shower head, the shower head you buy must fit in your existing shower stall precisely; otherwise, you will have unwarranted leakages or an awkward look. Besides, you a large sized head will work perfectly okay.
  • Type There are two types, i.e., wall mounted, and a ceiling mounted. If you are changing a shower head, consider compatibility, but if you are installing for the first time, you can select what suits you.
  • Durability In the market, there are known brands. These brands come with unmatched durability. The only problem is they might be expensive. So, you have to dig deeper into research to get the best value for money if you will want to get other brands that are not famous.

Why you need a rain shower head

  • It is fun: if you like your bathroom, then having fun should be part of it. These showers inject a unique form of versatility in your bathroom. It brings the outdoor experience in your shower room, making you enjoy the power of nature without the worry of lightning.
  • Setting variables: some showers come with various settings that you can apply to get a customized shower experience. Whether you want a forceful spray of or real rain experience, this shower head will give the difference between shower and rain.
  • Efficiency: this feature sets this type of shower heads apart from the rest. They have a large head, giving them a broader coverage. That means you spent less time in your bathroom.
  • Easy to replace when the time for changing shower head comes, the process is straightforward.

Specialty shower heads

This is by far the best luxury shower head. The shower head is purely for aesthetics. New shower heads have built-in features that make it possible to offer you extra comfort. For instance, some are fitted with speakers in them (wireless), have Bluetooth capabilities, and have LED lighting. All these features are geared at making your showering fun. You can sync your smartphone with these types of showerheads so that you can listen to your favorite music as you take your calming shower. So, if you seek changing shower head in your bathroom, try this luxurious type.

Principal Things to Look for In a Shower Head

At times, your shower head might decide to give you unsatisfying levels of water as you shower. This is indeed frustrating, especially when you need that water pressure to provide you with an excellent massage. While looking for the best shower head, handheld devices might stand out. When faced with such a situation, then you are in for a new shower head. The challenge is there are numerous designs that are all amazing. But looks are deceptive. At the back of your mind, consider:

Water saving options

The best shower heads must save your water. It is estimated that when you invest in a high performing shower head, you will use a third of the water used to take a bath when you take a shower for five minutes. Isn’t that amazing? Notice that the majority of shower heads come with an on/off button. With such a button, you can pause the water flow smoothly as you soap up your body. It is even better with shower heads with the handheld mechanism.  Such settings make these shower heads eco-friendly. To save water, you can also opt to have a water flow restrictor. This device has been known to incredibly reduce water consumption, which directly impacts on the electricity bills. You will experience reduced water bills because the geysers of your shower will not work extra to hi the excess water flowing through it. Another excellent option is to buy the low-pressure shower heads. The best shower head for low water pressure does not imply that you will have a sloppy shower experience.  They are called best shower heads because they have a unique inbuilt mechanism that converts the flow of water into a high output, enough to give you a mind-blowing shower. These types of shower head will consume less water. They mix the water and air pressure to give you a mist-like spray shower experience, although some forms do not mix water with air. This stands out as one of the best shower heads 2019 had to offer. The only downside of a shower head that mixes water and air is that it results in low water temperature. So if you are a person that like taking hot showers, this mightn’t work for you.
  • Water pressure
Water pressure must be a primary concern for any homeowner. O, the choice of a shower head you make might have a significant influence on the water pressure you get. It is essential to look at this feature with an eagle eye. Taking a shower in the bathroom where water is trickling is just frustrating. Showerheads must be built following water conservation regulation. Most manufacturers argue that decreasing low pressures are in line with such regulation. To improve on this frustrating regulation, they opt to inject some air into the system. The blend of air and creates a thrust on the water. Primarily, the size of the face of the shower head pays a huge role in determining the pressure of water. A larger face emits more water, but at a low offer intensity while a smaller face (6-inches) will offer a steady flow. Besides, personal preference is a factor that plays a significant role in determining the best pressure, whether it is the shower heads with handheld hoses or a simple shower head.

Other Important Features

Shower Head Filters Most of the shower heads come with inbuilt shower filters. The goal of the filters to purify the water. That implies that the water reaching your body is as clean as possible. The best shower head with filter can also remove potentially harmful bacteria, chlorine, metal ion, and any toxic substances in the water. It is common knowledge that chlorine has a daunting effect on your skin and hair while bacteria can make you sick. On the other hand, heavy metals are also dangerous Water Flow Adjusting Dials The dials are essential is controlling the pressure of the water flow. You can alter the pressure depending on the type of shower you want to use these dials. Whether you want a massage effect or a gently flow the power is in the dials whether it is your best handheld showerhead or best shower head for low water pressure. Shut Off Valves These valves are essential in pausing the water as you shower. When you want to shave, scrub or soap up, these valves play an indispensable role. Best shower heads 2019 offered came with these features. Self-cleaning Shower Heads This is a unique feature in the most modern showerhead. The importance of these features to prevent clogging. Such showerheads clean themselves after every use. Such heads make the best shower head with filter. Hand Held Showers This form one of the most significant shower heads. The best handheld showerhead can give you the most customized shower experiences.


Finding the best shower heads 2019 market offers can make your shower experience one of a kind. Whether it is a first-time installation or you are changing a shower head, home shower heads can be the best bet for you. Such shower heads are termed the best due to their efficiency and durability. Besides, the home shower heads, give a holistic approach as they focus on innovative design, quality, technological advancement as well as superior quality. We inspire to write this article from the post home depot shower heads. Please don’t forget to check their post. And share with your social networks. Many thanks to home depot. And also we want to know what you thought about this article? Did we miss any point which will make this article more helpful? Please let us know in the comment section and also share our post on your social networks.
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